Monday, July 28, 2008

A Flagship Model of Rolex Submariner

In 1953, Rolex conducted strict procedures and experiments in water with a depth of 3,150 meters (10,336 ft), on the Submariner prototype. The watch prevailed in the midst of gruelling tests, and survived the wear and tear of expeditions including sub-zero temperatures. Many believed that the Submariner was actually launched during the end of 1953 and was based on the Rolex Explorer, although at the Basel Fair in 1954, the Submariner (model 6204) was actually released. During 1960, the name “Submariner” was officially patented. The Rolex Submariner, when introduced, was initially powered by the A296 movement. The Mercedes hand and the 1030 movement, which is slightly longer than the modern version, replaced the older movement. In 1955, the Model 6538 was replaced by the 6204, and the 6205 by 6536. Displaying a chronometer version of the 1030 movement, model 6536 then became 6536/1.

Rolex Submariner Watch

Many Rolex models were renumbered and improved by the mid 1960's. Powered by a non-chronometer 1530 movement, in the year 1962, Rolex released model 5513. A few years later the movement was changed to 1520. Denoting a switch from the use of Radium to Tritium on the hands of the dial, Rolex changed the word “Swiss” to “Swiss T < href="" target="new">Rolex Submariner for more information call us at (001)323-650-0229 or Visit our website. - MELROSE JEWELERS

The Flagship Model Of ROLEX: The Datejust

Released in the year 1945, to mark the 40-year anniversary of the inception of Rolex, the Rolex Datejust is the best selling watch of Rolex. Intially, in honor of the Allied victory in WWII, Wilsdorf thought of naming it “The Victory”, however it was changed to the “Jubilee” and Datejust , shortly thereafter. At first many thought that the Datejust was just a variation to the Bubbleback, which was released in the 1940's, and both were known as the Ovettone for its domed back.

Rolex Datejust Watch for Men

A new fluted bezel with a larger crown replaced the coin edge bezel which was first introduced with the Datejust models. In the 1950's, Model 6605 of the Datejust was released. In this model, over the date on the watch's crystal, lies a cyclops or magnifying bubble. A Datejust model watch featuring a Turn-O-Graph gold Bezel, was released in 1956 by Rolex. This model was called the “Thunderbird”, model 1625.

After much success, the Datejust which was only offered in 18kt yellow gold, now also offered in platinum or white gold, and stainless steel. The two-tone Datejust models were available in 1962. Also, the Datejusts offered a variety of options for the watch-straps. These included a leather watch-strap, an Oyster bracelet, or a Jubliee bracelet.

A number of improvements led to a change in the original shape of the Datejust model during the 1970's. A person wearing a Rolex Datejust model could easily adjust the date function without having to turn the crown over and over again – this was an impressive feature called the “Quick-set”. This feature was responsible in solving one of Rolex's major problems and by the year 1983, all Rolex models had this feature. In addition, Rolex eliminated the old domed plastic crystal and the new Datejust had sapphire crystal. This new feature drastically improved the aesthetics and longevity of the watch as it provided improved waterproof security and was scratch resistant as well. Furthermore, Rolex eliminated the old pie-pan dial and changed the dial and case to the sapphire crystal that had a smaller and slimmer profile.

Rolex also modified the earlier four-digit case reference number to a five digit number. Also during this time, the Oyster date, which was similar to the Datejust, was introduced. The only distinguishing feature was that it was 2mm smaller. The “midsize” version of the Datejust was available and was approximately 80% of the original size.

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