Friday, July 31, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Ushering In A New Dawn: Rolex Aids The Popularity Of Motorsports Racing

Rolex Backed with a history that almost looks like a legend has eternally been pursuing the aspect of attaining perfection. This particular aspect has in turn been the driving force behind shaping the operations of the world renowned Swiss brand, Rolex. Taking on the role of becoming the most integral sponsor of the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, Rolex has aided its development and its tremendous growth. Back during the end of the 1990s the lack of adequate sponsorship had almost led to the crumble of the entire motorsports racing industry in the United States. However the shift of the structure and the functional framework of the American racing organization allowed new sponsors to come forward and support the racing tournaments.
Free from the retrains of hesitancy and discouraging speculative thought, Rolex came forward to become an active part of the racing car industry. Now supporting the Grand-Am Rolex Sports [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Ascension of a Champion: Bernard Leonard wins the AJGA Flossmoor Junior Open

Rising to take on the role of the elemental force that drives forward the most eminent golfing events in the world, Rolex has helped in the transition of the game to an extremely popular event. A bond that was forged when Rolex first presented a Rolex watch to the legendary Arnold Palmer in 1967 has only grown stronger. Over the many years Rolex has become important part golf in America and has aided the process of its development in the United States. From venturing out to become a principal partner for events like the Masters to taking on the role the official timekeeper for events like the Solheim Cup, Rolex has played an essential role in American golf.

Collaborating with the AJGA to create several tournaments for young golfers, Rolex helps in the formative development of many golfers. The primary aim was to develop the sport itself by improving the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Headstrong Ability: Team Beyer At The Rolex Series

The dawn of the motorsports racing industry in America came with the support of Rolex. Now completing almost a decade in sponsoring the motor sports racing events in the United States, the world renowned Swiss brand Rolex has played a fundamental role in transforming the racing as a sport in America. The Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series in the years of its existence has become an arena that brings skilled racers to the forefront of achievement. Even though the races that form a part of the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series have some of the most talented racers competing in them sudden change of circumstances can have a great impact of the performance as well as the final position secured.
The multitude of racing teams at the Rolex Series combine the best of technology with the best talent to make a formidable concoction that would manage to outrival all the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Forging a New Dream: United States Trio in the Rolex Rankings

A dream to stand as equal was seen as a defiance of the patriarchal system and prevented women from following a passion that surged deep within the soul. However the will to be able to follow a dream triumphed over obsolete notions and other hindrances and paved the w ay for women every where to pursue the aspect of individualistic perfection. Fifty years back the concept of holding an international golfing challenge for women would have been rebuked upon and would have found no sponsors. Nevertheless the innate quality of a brand like Rolex to sponsor exceptional talent and propound the aspect of perfection completely disregards the differences drawn on the basis of class, race and most of all gender. As a part of its global design of inspiring individuals everywhere, Rolex sponsors a number of international golfing challenges around the world that acts as a platform for the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 27, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Catherine Keener and Rolex Lady Datejust Pearlmaster; Guileless Talent

Talent as they say is innate and very few are privileged to realize its full potential in a lifetime. There are talents and there are talents, and a very small percentage of the talented come across as guileless. The Rolex Lady Datejust Pearlmaster is just such a watch. The fine tuning of the watch matches actress Catherine Kenner’s naturalness and beats it because the Rolex has mastered the art of keeping time over a century. Both talents wear frankness on their sleeves and it shows in their performances and the way they deal with people, always heart to heart.

Coming of mixed Lebanese and Irish descent, Catherine Keener was born in Miami. After graduating from college Keener relocated to New York and interned as assistant to casting agent Gail Eisenstadt. Shifting to Los Angeles with her boss, Keener finally started paying a little more attention to acting landing [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 24, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Norah Jones and Cellini Cellissima ; Redefining Tradition

The word lineage has multiple connotations to it. It is not only a term bearing a rich tradition but an immense sense of responsibility is attached with it. Any lineage is enriched when the new generation carries it forward and gives it a new flavor. Rolex as a brand has evolved over the years; the Rolex watch has sauntered into new territories and introduced the Cellini Cellissima. Sharing a similar history Norah Jones being born to a famous father, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar has had to live up to a lot of expectations Norah’s talent is not only versatile but she has turned the phrase “star kid” over and made a mark for herself far away from the sitar but continuing in the world of music.
Sweeping five Grammy Awards with her debut album is a rare feat and Norah accomplished it with Come Away with Me. A mix of [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Rolex Sponsors Federation Equestrian International 2009

Sports is an integral part of any culture. Be it any country, sports always manage to find a special place in the history of its culture. This is probably, the reason why most sports championships, conducted on international level find a large audience all over the world. Giant consumer brands and iconic luxury brands also perceive international sports events as an ideal opportunity to promote their brands by sponsoring them. In lieu of sponsoring varied sports events, these brands get to publicize and promote themselves both to the audience in the stadium and the ones [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Close Finishes Make Rolex Series Exciting

2009 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series was expected to be the event to watch out for and all along , the same has been revealed. The 2009 schedule of the popular racing phenomenon consists of 12 races. So far the championship has witnessed seven closely fought races and the end result of all this has resulted in a combined margin of victory of mere 53.767 seconds. For racing enthusiasts it can never get better than this. Imagine this margin is there after 1,378 laps that have been covered in the championship so far in a total time of 43 [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Robin Williams And Yacht-Master II; Setting The Standards

There are a few names that when called out can make all the heads turn instantly. Two of such rare names are Rolex Yacht-Master II and Robin Williams. Coming from the illustrious house of Swiss watch maker Rolex it is but obvious that Yacht-Master II can lay claim to such a rare honor. Similarly, for someone with the kind of talent that Robin Williams possesses this also becomes a very natural thing to happen. As simple and obvious as this might seem, this for both of them is culmination of years and years of efforts and toiling. It is [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 20, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Renee Zellweger And Lady Datejust Have Always Been Loved By All

Rolex Lady Datejust and Renee Zellweger are two names that have been around for a long time and have proven themselves time and again. Their fields are obviously different but their success has been similar with one being one of the most beautiful watches and the other being one of the most beautiful actresses. Through their marvelous performances both of them have been able to leave their marks in their respective fields. It has been a long journey for both that involved a lot of will power, motivation and efforts to reach where only a few can reach. For [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 17, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Vanessa Hudgens And Cellini Cellissima; The New Sensationalizing Beauties

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis are the two names who dreamt and set out on a journey that was to create a name and a brand that would revolutionize the world of watch making. The journey started almost a century ago and the brand that was built was Rolex. With its stress on being the best Rolex evolved into becoming one of the most trusted names across the world. It is a name that inspires confidence and speaks of never failing credibility. It gave the world some of the most impressive innovations that changed the entire functionality of the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Molly Ringwald And Lady Datejust; Making Lasting Impressions

Rolex if today sits at the top of the heap of the best watch makers in the world then it deserves to be there. Its success has been the result of the vision of its creators, a well defined approach towards goal realization and continuous efforts of its workforce. When the goal is to reach the top the efforts need to match too. It is obviously not an easy job but requires the kind of efforts that are reserved for the best. Rolex was created with a similar dream and managed to realize it too. It offers watches that [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Neil Patrick Harris And Cellini Prince; Flavors Of The Season

Rolex has been doing something different and amazing every year since its very birth. Over the years it has earned for itself a name that symbolizes status and class. Its journey has been long and full of hardships but the results have been equally satisfying too. Through its remarkable range of watches that it brings out year after year Rolex not only meets the expectations of its innumerable fans but also exceeds them. Every watch that leaves the manufacturing facility of Rolex is able to generate curiosity and people never seem to get enough of it. In fact the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Jason Schwartzman And Cellini Prince; Living Up To The Expectations

Rolex began the journey of changing the landscape of the watch world almost a century ago. It was a momentous occasion that had the potential to transform the very approach of the watchmakers towards their art as also the expectations of the customers. What Rolex started off to achieve would not have been possible for anyone else. Rolex had the strength of a clear vision, a well worked out strategy, a goal to achieve, a passion to pull forward and the heart to make it happen. It was no wonder that it not only accomplished all that it had [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 13, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Sarah Palin And Rolex Ladies White Gold President; Beating Expectations

Very few in this world dare to take the path less travelled. It is easier to set goals that others have achieved and it is even easier to walk on the path others follow but it takes lots of guts to walk the path that people fear to tread. For some it is an impossible dream, for others it is like chasing the wind and for many it’s the fear of failure. They all have their reasons for not undertaking the path they would have wanted but dared not. But those who did dare become a part of history. [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 10, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Rolex Still Standing Strong

During this storm of recession that has engulfed this world and shaken the economies of major countries around the planet some brands that have been built on years of dedicated craftsmanship refuse to be affected by this crisis. Rolex a premium Swiss watches manufacturer has been able to withstand the brunt of this disastrous downfall. The increasing amount of production that is in turn fuelled by enhanced consumerism has saturated the markets of the world and has consequently led to strange anomalies. Areas that don’t require more are flooded with a range of unbelievably unnecessary products with low shelf [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Stallions of the Wind: Spruce Meadows Masters

Behind the highest degree of skill that almost seems like a flawless art there is always a method. This method demands unhindered dedication, honest labor and true virtuosity. Rolex a name that is built on the rudiments of dedicated craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of excellence has always been associated with activities that foster the spirit of commitment towards a craft and promote relentless perseverance in pursuing the quintessence of individual triumph. Rolex actively supports and assists numerous sporting events around the world that are a platform for launching exceptional talent. The Spruce Meadows Masters is just one of [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Alchemy of Creation: Royal Opera House

Men have throughout the ages have stated that remarkable art always finds a way to remain immortal; that being said a place that showcases art and acts as a platform for the world to witness these creations almost always tends to find a way to resurrect itself. Rolex a brand that stand a testament to time and the history of men has always supported endeavors that seek to promote and safeguard movements and icons that have played a significant role in the evolution of the civilization. The Royal Opera House ‘Covent Garden’ is an institution that has over [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Driving Home a Point: The Solheim Cup

Recognizing individual capacity and will irrespective of class, color or even gender is a principal that has forever been upheld by the world class watch manufacturing company Rolex. In its continual tradition of honoring and supporting brilliant individuals that are out to transform the world and knock every long held perception out, Rolex endorses numerous events that become a springboard for launching exceptionally talented individuals. The Solheim Cup tournament is yet another of Rolex’s endeavors to endorse and assist champions. This tournament is a platform for professional woman golfers from around the world to compete against each other and [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 6, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Masters- A Tradition of fervor

Golf maybe defined as hitting the ball in a limited number of shots and putting it. However this game doesn’t merely require strength but also the ability of being able to anticipate unforeseen circumstances and adapt swiftly in order to play what is commonly known as a master stroke. Rolex has always recognized the implausible capacity of human determination and fortitude to rise above the ordinary and perform a feat that is truly breathtaking and incredibly marvelous. In accordance with its continual endorsement of events that promote individual brilliance and form a stage for displaying and developing exceptional aptitude, [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 3, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Reliving the Glory: Goodwood Revival Festival

The world is evolving at a break neck speed and it is only a matter of time before some of the most iconic elements of today as well as the past are lost in between the growing number of other products. Rolex a brand that has been around for several decades and has stood as a testament to time has been involved in many activities that safeguard and create awareness about these icons. The Goodwood Revival festival is one such endeavor by Rolex that protects these icons from the ravages of time and human neglect. It is true that [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Imagining a Rhythm- Michael Buble’s Journey

Even though Rolex is closely equated with performance and the highest of quality, the aspect that is almost synonymous with Rolex is that of perseverance. Rolex recognizes the ability of individuals that are able to achieve the highest levels of human accomplishment thorough diligent resolution and supports their cause. The Canadian born Michael Buble is proudly supported by Rolex in his endeavour towards musical ingenuity. Fortitude is a prerequisite for attaining greatness and talent however perfect is still incomplete if it lacks the determined will to withstand all odds. Michael Buble represents the rare genre of artists who have [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Gustavo Dudamel’s Musical Journey- Love in Search of a Word

Music has the power to transcend the barriers of distance, time, culture, race, gender and even class. So powerful is this tool that the capacity of a musician is compared to that of a magician. Rolex has proudly been associated with some of the finest and most exemplary musicians and artists who have battled all odds and spent years in perfecting their skill. Rolex believes in the boundless power of ingenuity and perfection and because of this long standing rudiment it endorses individuals like Gustavo Dudamel. Rolex proudly supports this Venezuelan violinist and conductor who has the ability to [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt