Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Philanthropy On The Waves At The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race With Livewire

The most unique boat to hit the waves in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is The 37 foot yacht has been renamed by its crew in order to show their support for Livewire along with raising $50,000. The crew is leading the fundraising campaign ‘8 Men in a Boat’ to support the cause upheld by Livewire. Livewire is a subsidiary of the Starlight Children’s Foundation and provides a safe, free and fun online community for children and young people who are living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability. The endeavor is to provide a common online platform to such youngsters so that they can connect, share their experiences, express themselves and know that they are not alone in their struggle.

Terry Rooney, who is the boat master of, is a strong believer of the cause and therefore has done everything in his power to [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

- Written by John Lavit

Monday, December 28, 2009

TRG Leaves No Stone Unturned To Defend Its Victory At The 2010 Rolex 24 At Daytona

TRG has created a strong history for itself at Rolex 24 At Daytona sports car races ever since it debuted in 1996. The year 2009 witnessed The Racers Group’s (TRG) victory at Rolex 24 At Daytona, which is the most trying endurance race in the world. TRG has announced a strong lineup for 2010 as it looks to defend its 2009 victory. TRG has to its credit three Rolex 24 At Daytona championships and seven podium finishes out of the last eight races. TRG is making every effort it can to secure its winning ways in the current season as well. The major announcement from TRG towards strengthening its position for the Rolex 24 At Daytona is its association with Flying Lizards Motorsports.

Kevin Buckler is delighted with the opportunity of teaming up with Flying Lizards Motorsports. He stated that the association with the successful brand is evidence of the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

- Written by John Lavit

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2007 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series; GAINSCO Grabs Title, Patrick Dempsey Media Attention

The ever rising popularity of Grand Am Rolex racing received a big boast with the 2007 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series as it brought forth newer champions in terms of team and drivers, and added lot of glamour to it all as well. It was the year that had its own share of highlights with GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing grabbing the title with two of the best of the drivers in the motorsports world Alex Gurney and Jon Fogarty sharing the title, and Patrick Dempsey one of the very popular Hollywood actors making his Grand Am Rolex Series debut. In fact the 2007 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series had everything in it, unimaginable competition among cars, teams, drivers; twists and turns of motorsports world; unexpected wins and expected wins; and strengthening of a relationship that has been evolving between Rolex and Grand Am Racing Association.
Rolex, the world’s [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bill Campbell And Rolex Explorer II; Cultivating Talent

In life there are very few people who have a very impressive personality and good looks but very few can use their personality to the true potential. Those who use their impressive personality to its potential they achieve higher success in life. The same success formula has been used by Rolex. The brand Rolex has managed to cultivate talent within its watches and create masterpieces which have the potential to impress anyone. The Rolex Explorer II has been teaming up with the spirit of travelers who want to explore the world and view the world with a third eye perspective. Rolex has teamed with perfection and has designed watches which are not only good looking but extremely efficient in performance. Bill Campbell has been cultivating talent and made a hallmark in Hollywood because he has teamed up with a strong determination and has the courage to go on.
The talented [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eric Van der Vleuten Brings Dutch Domination To The Rolex FEI World Cup Qualifier At Olympia

Eric Van der Vleuten not only won himself the Rolex FEI World Cup Qualifier which took place at Olympia but also ended the long draught of a Dutch victory at the event. The Dutch showjumper clocked in at 35.08 seconds. Riding his gelding, Groep Tomboy Eric Van der Vleuten became the second Dutch winner at the Olympia World Cup after a long gap of 15 years. The last Dutch winner at the Olympia World Cup was Jan Tops in the year 1994. Eric Van der Vleuten was extremely proud of his gelding as he stated that his horse was in good shape the entire week. They were the second last to go in the competition and yet were extremely determined to not let anyone else make it to the jump-off.

Eric Van der Vleuten always had a liking towards his horse Groep Tomboy as he knew him since the past [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

- Written by John Lavit

Monday, December 21, 2009

Trisha Brown Joins The Esteemed Ranks Of Rolex Mentors For 2010-2011

The Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative is a novel initiative by Rolex to take forward the legacy of a mentor and protégé relationship. The initiative was introduced in 2002. The mentors and protégés are chosen from the genres of dance, literature, film, music, visual arts and theatre. The list of new mentors was announced on December 7, 2009 in London which marked the beginning of a new year of the mentor protégé relationship. The unique program comes from the house of Rolex which has set the highest standards of watch-making in the industry. The program is a part of various endeavors by Rolex in its pursuit to promote excellence. Rolex has been an avid supporter of sporting events like golf, tennis, sports car racing and eventing. The Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative is a humble initiative that is a great learning experience for the mentors as well as [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Rolex Deepsea And Ethan Zohn; A Spirit Of Greatness

Rolex watches have created timepieces that master the art of timekeeping in the most natural manner and at the same time bear the conviction of delivering the most accurate timepieces. Today Rolex has profoundly made a mark in the industry and has created a competition with the rest of the watch market. It is important to understand the fact that Rolex watches have acclaimed supremacy because of the craftsmanship and attention that go into making the timepieces. To reach where it is now, Rolex had to deal with many obstacles but the spirit of motivation led the company forward and determination to excel was so engraved in the thought that each obstacle was dealt as a supernatural element and solution was formed. Rolex is known to deliver watches which have unsurpassable time and offer the most perfected and accurate timepiece. The supernatural element makes Rolex watch better than the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rolex Ranking Number 1 Marcus Ehning Conquers The Rolex IJRC Top Ten

Marcus Ehning, the reigning Number 1 in the Rolex Rankings has proved his mettle once again by winning the Rolex IJRC Top Ten. The course designed by Conrad Homfeld saw the most talented riders vying for the win. The top ten riders who went head to head at the equestrian event were Germany’s Marcus Ehning, Sweden’s Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, Canada’s Eric Lamaze, France’s Kevin Staut, Holland’s Albert Zoer, Germany’s Marco Kutscher, Brazil’s Rodrigo Pessoa, Australia’s Edwina Alexander, Holland’s Harry Smolders and France’s Michel Robert. The event took place at the Exposition Parc Paris Nord Villepinte which saw a huge crowd and was completely sold out. The show had a grand opening and delighted spectators as the ten riders were driven into the arena in the famous stuntman Mario Luraschi’s carriages.

The event comprised of two super rounds. Marcus Ehning demonstrated great ease and focus while completing the rounds. The 35 year [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rolex Presents The New York Yacht Club Race Week For Great Summertime Sailing

Come summer of 2010 and Newport would play host to one of the most competitive regattas, the NYYC Race Week presented by Rolex. For fans eagerly awaiting the regatta that takes place every two years, the announcement of the 2010 schedule was heartening news. The 2010 season will mark the seventh regatta of the New York Yacht Club Race Week at Newport. The summer sand and seas will witness the action next year from July 17 to July 24. The sailing event is sure to draw in a huge crowd as it boasts of a unique split format wherein the regatta week begins with One-Design, Classic, 12 Metre and PHRF championships while July 21 to 24 is slated for the Rolex US-IRC races.
Preparations are already underway to deliver that something extra at the 2010 regatta as the competition is a major attraction for sailors who look forward to mixing [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Rolex FEI World Cup Champion Ravel Nominated For 2009 Farnam/Platform USEF Horse of the Year Award

The 2009 Rolex FEI World Cup Champion Ravel has earned the honor of becoming one of the lucky few nominees vying of the prestigious Horse of the Year Award. The impressive horse is an eleven year old bay Dutch Warmblood gelding. The gelding owned by Akiko Yamazaki has given various spectacular performances for which the horse now finds itself nominated amongst the top 5 contenders for the Farnam/Platform USEF Horse of the Year Award. All the nominees for the Farnam/Platform USEF Horse of the Year Award are chosen due to their dedication and incredible skill. Excelling in equestrian sports not only takes a great deal of determination and focus on the part of the rider but also takes a great deal of training and control on the part of the horse. The success of every rider to have ever participated in any equestrian event depends entirely on his or [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Dauntless Looks of Chad Michael Murray And The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm

Rolex watches have always captured everyone’s attention. Rolex has broken the tradition of leather straps and introduced stainless straps which were never thought of. Rolex watches are distinctive because of the unmistakable logo of a crown in the center. Rolex watches especially the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm has been the most distinguished watch in the luxury brands. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 mm is available in the intermediate size of 31mm. The watches are available in platinum, 18 karat yellow, white or Everose gold or in a combination of steel and gold. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 mm is a watch with a very dauntless persona just like the model turned actor Chad Michael Murry.
Chad Michael Murray is an American actor, former fashion model and spokesperson who was born in the year 1988. Murray headed for Hollywood in the year 1999 when he started his modeling [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

- Written by John Lavit

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Rolex Submariner Date And Eric Kyle Szmanda: Driving New Horizon

Rolex the world renowned Swiss watch making company has incomparable quality and unusual versions. Among its most unusual versions is the Rolex Submariner Date. The Rolex Submariner Date has been designed for sea lovers and navy personnel. Rolex has been producing water resistant watches since 1926 and the company introduced the first Submariner in the year 1954 at the Swiss Watch fair. The Rolex Submariner Date is considered as a classic watch like the actor Eric Kyle Szmanda who is driving new horizons through his acting skills. This collection shows perfection in manufacturing as the watch has the part of expeditions both at the sea and overland in the Antarctic. The watch can withstand the undersea temperature along with water as well as can withstand temperatures of 45 degrees below zero. This watch shows the supremacy of the Rolex watches in the field of water-resistance series produced so [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

- Written by John Lavit

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: An Evening With Aurelio Martinez At The Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative

The Rolex Mentor Protégé Arts Initiative has brought together many artists to share and learn in the one year they spend together. It has been a great learning experience for not only the protégés but also the mentors as they get to share a fresh perspective on their genre. Youssou N’Dour presented his protégé Aurelio Martinez at the Union Chapel on Friday the 4th of December. The evening witnessed the mentor protégé duo performing at the presentation and included a short film about Aurelio Martinez which was shot in his home country as well as covered his visit to Senegal. Aurelio Martinez visited Senegal to work with his mentor during his year in the program.

Aurelio Martinez debuted along with his band at the London concert presented by Rolex. He is a young Honduran musician who began his career with the legendary musician Andy Palacio. He has been recognized for [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

- Written by John Lavit

Melrose Jewelers: The Rolex Deepsea And Gary Allan: Versatile Performers

The world’s best and most popular luxury watches are manufactured by Rolex. The brand Rolex maintains a status symbol across the world for its premium price and collection. One of its premium watch is the Rolex Deepsea diver watch. The Rolex Deepsea is especially designed for divers and swimmers. The watch was conceptualized in the early 1960 but the first watch was made available only in 1967. This was the first ultra water resistant watch. The Rolex Deep Sea has been developed from submariner from the Comex S.A which is industrial deep-sea driving company. The Comex has an increased crystal thickness which makes it water resistant watch. The Rolex DeepSea watch does not have date magnification bubble and the cyclop which is present in most of Rolex watches. The Rolex Deepsea is very popular among the sea drivers as versatile singer Gary Allan Herzberg is known for his platinum [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Christina Applegate And Cellini Orchid; They Are Different

To be different has been the dream of all but the passion to accomplish that has evaded most. If there are any examples of those who have tried and succeeded in being different, then those are of Rolex Cellini Orchid and Christina Applegate. Rolex is that name which by making the impossible possible has immortalized itself in annals of history. Starting off almost a century ago, Rolex dared to dream, took the path less travelled, faced challenges, worked tirelessly and came out victorious. That journey was defined by many a landmark showcasing its remarkable watches. In the long list of watches which have enthralled the audience comes the name of Cellini Orchid, a watch that targets the females and makes each of them go weak in her knees. Whether it is the stunning appearance, or the adoption of the latest technology or unmatched performance, the Rolex Cellini Orchid represents [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Monday, September 28, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Charlie Sheen And Submariner Date; Celebrating Supremacy

When you have been doing things that have been treated as benchmarks by the world then the pressure of expectation is always high. In case of most it is this pressure that becomes the reason for their inability to come out with products and performances that could have taken them to higher glory. But then there are others who look upon this as a challenge that propels them to dream bigger, work harder and achieve more. To the elusive list of the latter kind belongs Rolex, world’s most loved and looked up to watchmaker. In fact all along its history whatever Rolex did always became the one thing that everyone else wanted to emulate.

Keeping alive its tradition of making the best watches Rolex offers Submariner Date. Like every other Rolex watch it has to live to the history and expectations of people. And like any other Rolex watch this [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Serena Williams And Rolex Lady Datejust; The Queens Of The Court

Serena has been touted as the Queen of the tennis court not because she has won so many Grand Slams but because she has been a consistent player. The Rolex Lady Datejust is the queen of feminine watches because it shares that same level of commitment to consistency. The watch has added to the Rolex glory because it has never failed to perfect on accuracy and this also reflects in Serena William’s finesse on court.

The world No. 2 in women’s tennis and the reigning champion at the US Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon singles Serena started playing professional tennis in 1995.It was at the Ameritas Cup Chicago that Serena beat World No. 1 Monica Seles and recorded her first career win. She finished that year ranked World No. 99 a huge jump from her former rank No. 304. A year later Serena defeated sixth seed Irina Spirlea before she [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Sean Penn And Rolex Datejust Turn-O-graph; Truly Versatile

Versatility is a quality that many may share, but versatility suits only those who have felt the need to explore every trait that makes him/her versatile. Rolex has always excelled in putting itself across as a brand that has not key holed itself into sticking to a particular way of presenting a watch. In fact the watch brand caters to varied interests of its clients, always trying to build a smooth bridge over polarities. Sean Penn is an award winning actor of renown not because he chose to do only certain type of cinema with his favorite directors. The actor roughed it out, learning the nuances of the technique of filmmaking, experimenting with roles as varied as they were served to him and today he can truly claim the versatile tag for himself.

The son of one time director Leo Penn, Sean started with playing an extra on his father’s [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Melrose Jewelers: Kelly Slater And Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea; Surfing The Tide

A famous quote says that for surfing you’ll need “only your body, a surfboard and a wave”. If surfing really were that effortless famous American Surfer Kelly Slater makes it look a world easier the way his body befriends the waves every time they come to lash at him. A Rolex watch in a very similar manner makes water out of troubles and has withstood the challenges of time and tide by reinventing itself constantly. With the Sea Dweller Deepsea, Rolex has stepped into territories that were hitherto forbidden. Surfing is neither a game nor is it a contest, it is an art, a sport that has to be mastered meeting near death situations at all times. And this is where the Rolex Sea Dweller Deepsea comes in as the perfect companion no matter how deep in the waters you are. Rolex has constantly challenged presumptions and made a [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Landon Donovan And Rolex Explorer II; Indestructible Forces

The Rolex brand is what it is today because it has withstood the test of time literally and figuratively. Rolex has had to compete with other watch brands the world around but it has emerged the winner because it understands that a watch is not only a keeper of time but an emblem of endurance as well. Landon Donovan’s contribution to US Soccer needs little introduction and the California born superstar reflects the Rolex brand’s ability to face challenges when and where they come.

Landon Donovan plays as a withdrawn forward, on the left wing and is currently playing with Los Angeles Galaxy alongside David Beckham in Major League Soccer (MLS). He is also the all time leader in scoring for the United States national team and has the most caps of all active players. He is also the only player to have won the Honda Player of the Year [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Monday, September 21, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Kevin Costner And Rolex Milgauss; Enthralling Performers

The Rolex symbol since its inception has always lived up to the promise of catering to any man who respects time and keeps a ‘watch’ on it. The Milgauss was modeled keeping in mind that there might be adventurers or professionals who need to be in highly magnetic fields and need to keep a tab on time always. The Milgauss comes with specialized features and is highly sensitive to acute conditions. Like Costner the Milgauss has the ability to enthrall its wearer not just by its style but also with its performance. Costner has carried the glory of earning two Oscars in a lifetime very lightly on his shoulders. The man has only moved from excellence to excellence, and strength to strength and his consistency can only be equated to that of the Rolex hallmark.

The director of Big Chill, Lawrence Kasdan offered Costner Silverado, the film that brought Costner [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Johan Santana And Rolex Submariner Date; Sultans Of Popularity

What can a quintessential game of American baseball and a Rolex have in common? Well for starters the game and the watch are American favorites and immensely popular. The Rolex house of watches is a name for the classes but its exclusivity doesn’t take away anything from its popularity. Famous pitcher Johan Santana is popular because he has highlighted his career with many firsts and records and owes his baseball success to Houston Astros scout Andres Reiner

Reiner discovered Santana’s talent and routed him towards pitching leading him to becoming the Tovar Merida Athlete of the year in 1999. Nicknamed The Supernatural, Santana has been able to achieve a rare feat. A combination of 91-94 mph fastball, a circle changeup and a slider all by the same pitcher is The Supernatural’s unparalleled contribution to American Baseball.

Santana’s supernaturalness continues in his comfort with handling both left and right [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Jeff Goldblum And Rolex GMT Master II; Mad Geniuses

Mad geniuses have a way of endearing themselves to people around them because their efforts at understanding the small things in life are not cruel madness, but a passion that is infective. Goldblum is known for the ‘slightly different’ characters that he has always chosen to play. Neither the quintessential Hollywood hero nor the sinister baddie, Goldblum has carved a space out for himself that is best defined only by him and his fans. The GMT Master II like Goldblum is not a typical Rolex watch. It may come from the same stable but what makes it distinct from the other models is the fact that despite its quirks the GMT Master like its name suggests commands authority. The Rolex brand maybe called a mad genius because its attention to detail is so thorough that it might be referred to as maddening. Goldblum and the Rolex GMT Master are [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Jane Fonda And Rolex Cellini Cellissima; Everlasting Beauties

If beauty were a light in the heart then Jane Fonda has never let that light dim into a shadow. The light might have flickered as days passed but it never perished into complete darkness but only resurged with brighter hope. The Rolex hallmark is associated with a beauty in its watches that has years of meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail gone into each feature that is represented in the watch. The Cellini Cellissima collection has gained instant popularity with Rolex clients from the day it has been launched. The Cellissima is a timeless beauty that doubles up as a delicate piece of jewelry that ornaments any wrist it wraps. Jane Fonda like the Cellissima is known not as a beauty that has never known age, but one that has won age over and done it most gracefully. She is as stunning as ever and gives the passage […] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Melrose Jewelers: Halle Berry And Rolex Lady Datejust; Beating Prejudices

Rolex has been a marker of time for over a century now and it has come this far because it has successfully overcome competition and prejudices that are associated with any name trying to establish itself in a foreign land. Halle Berry born and brought up in the US was taught from a very early age to grow as a personality and not as a representative of a certain color. Halle grew up to have many firsts as an African American woman in her career. Rolex too surpassed other brand names and set out on the path to become what it is today, because with every defeat that it faced, it raised its strength to heights that put it on a platform from where it could only look up, not down. Halle Berry and the Rolex name are heroes of a different kind. They have achieved a lot of […] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Geena Davis And Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust; Striking Gorgeousness

There are beauties and then there is a Geena Davis who takes gorgeousness beyond the world of the superficially beautiful into the world of the talented. The lady is not only strikingly beautiful like the Rolex but her beauty exudes a warmth that is also typical of the Rolex house of watches. A brand name is usually associated with a kind of regalia that many think is snobbishness. But the Rolex has prioritized the concept of affability to the point that owning a Rolex is no longer about maintaining a status quo. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust comes across as a beauty with a heart and a talent with a soul, qualities that are rare and also define Geena Davis the most aptly.

Born in Massachusetts, Davis was interested in music from a very young age. Geena learnt the piano, flute and drums and she also played the organ at her [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Alicia Keys And Rolex Day Date; Singing To The Tune

Music has a way of finding the deepest corners of one’s heart and if it is as fine tuned as it is when it comes from a mellifluous voice like Alicia Keys you know that the heart will follow where the ears are. Rolex watches may not be singing vocally but to a Rolex enthusiast in particular and to watch lovers in general the music that a well set watch offers can compete with the best in the music world. Keys is a versatile singer and like Rolex watches is the perfect package with her looks and her talent together packing in a punch. Rolex watches are high on style but higher on performance. Their singing style has been perfected with years of artistry and a century of expertise contributing to making Rolex the most well sought watch brand ever.

Keys’ first album Songs in A Minor released in 2001. [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Friday, September 11, 2009

Melrose Jewelers:Shawn Johnson And Rolex Datejust; Pixie Powerhouses

The young Shawn Johnson owns a kind of flexibility that could put even a rope to shame. The elfin princess of the gymnasium is not only a brilliant gymnast but also performs her acrobatics with a mastery that belies her age. Gymnastics does not only require hours of tireless practice from its performers but also a strong determination to always get up from the last fall and look towards perfecting the move that caused the fall. The Rolex trademark associates with a similar dedication of character. A Rolex watch is not formed from an afterthought, in fact when Rolex decides to come out with a new collection it ensures that the watches will offer the same Rolex experience as the brand has earned a reputation for.

Shawn was enrolled in gymnastics classes at the tender age of three; she was also among the first students to join the Liang Chow [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Ethan Stiefel And Rolex Explorer; Bearers Of A Legacy

Ballet as a dance form has always been associated with floating ballerinas in snowy tutus dancing to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Ethan Stiefel has taken that tradition to a new level; he has jazzed the ballet up by many notches and imbued the brilliant dance form with a modern spirit. Rolex house of watches have also revolutionized watch making, drawing heavily from the traditional and imbibing a refreshing flavor of contemporaneity to its new set of watches. The vintage watches have had their customers come from the most varied of fields. The Rolex hallmark has for a very long time been associated with success, talent, courage and confidence. Rolex watches have been gifted, passed on to the next generation as an heirloom, bought and also served as collaterals for its connoisseurs over the years. And this could not have happened had Rolex been just another expensive watch. People associate a [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Dustin Hoffman And Rolex GMT Master II; Timeless Heroes

Heroes like time are forever and if it is Dustin Hoffman that we are talking about here then such heroes illuminate our lives only once in a lifetime’s experience. Rolex was launched to cater to people who respected time for not only its value but the fact that once it passed it never comes back. Rolex made sure that the good times of your life were captured in timeless seconds and Hoffman’s performances are a few of those beautiful moments that you would always want to last forever.

Hoffman began acting at the Pasadena Playhouse and soon shifted to New York, where he started doing odd jobs all the while he was doing small roles on television. In 1960 Hoffman joined the renowned Actor’s Studio making a successful start in the off Broadway production of Eh? in 1966. Hoffman continued [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavit

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Diane Keaton And Rolex Cellini Quartz ; Mellowed Elegance

Elegance as they say is an innate quality that very few are blessed with and to be able to convey that elegance in the most subdued manner possible to the one in front of you requires practice. Diane Keaton’s elegance is not only endearing to those who meet her but this quality of hers comes across noticeably in her presence onscreen. The Rolex Cellini Quartz perfectly identifies with Diane because the design of the watch makes its way into your heart subtly but decisively. The Rolex brand has long been associated with class, and the Cellini Quartz adds the character of elegance to it. The watch has the powerful ability to transform the wearer’s natural aura, but what beats other watches that claim to do the same is the fact that the Quartz does it in a refined [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, September 7, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Tiger Woods And Rolex Datejust ; Masters Of Their Game

The Rolex brand has become synonymous with superior craftsmanship just as Tiger Woods had become synonymous with setting Golf records. What the two have in common as their unwavering commitment to doing the best in their respective fields, whether it be marking the tee or marking the time.

While still in school Tiger became the youngest ever US Junior Amateur Champion, he was also named the Golf Digest Amateur Player of the Year, Golf World Player of the Year and Golfweek National Amateur of the Year in 1992. One of Woods’ many records is that he is the youngest ever as well as multiple winner at the US Junior Amateur Championship.

Woods turned professional in 1996 and was named the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year reaching no.1 at the Official World Golf Rankings in the 42nd week of his professional career.

In 1999, Woods finished the season with eight [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Susan Sarandon And Rolex Lady Pearlmaster; Charismatic Inspirations

If any actor has been able to inspire others to dream more, do more and become more it is Susan Sarandon. Like Susan Sarandon, the Rolex name too is an inspirational story for other watch brands. Rolex when it was launched a century back heralded a new era in the field of watch making because it promised to reinvent itself constantly and put customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. Susan Sarandon follows on a similar note, because she imbues her roles with a strength of personality and confidence that is difficult to match. She is known to inspire her co-actors to better performances and embolden her audience with a spirit to always face life courageously. Her boldness comes from her knack to mould every role that she’s played in her personal style and this approach of Susan’s is truly inspiring.

Sarandon graduated in drama and worked with famous [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Steven Spielberg And Rolex Air King; Extra Terrestrial Wizards

A man who made aliens friendly can only be called an Extra-terrestrial wizard. Only Spielberg can venture into the sci-fi genre and make it as lucid as a romantic story and smash box office records every time he does it. The Rolex Air King does something very similar because it takes the brand off ground limits and takes it towards soaring success. The Air King is geared to show time whether you are on the ground or riding the bike with E.T. Jokes apart, the Air King guarantees accuracy at any sphere and at any moment.

Spielberg’s foray behind the camera began with making amateur 8 mm films that he called adventure films. His first independent film that he wrote and directed was a science fiction film called Firelight. The god of sci-fi films entered the famed Universal Studios as an unpaid, seven day a week intern and guest of [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Oscar De La Hoya And Rolex Turn-O-Graph; The Golden Boys

Boxing that may look like a series of fistfights and injuries is actually a heavily nuanced game that involves the opponents coming together to test out their individual techniques on each other and the winner is usually the one who has approached his opponent with the respect that the game and its participants deserve. Boxing is rehearsed aggression and one of the most popular spectator sports because there is a method to the madness. Rolex too is basking in the kind of popularity that it enjoys today because it has been following a century of streamlined techniques in watch making and meeting customer demands. Rolex has come up as a watch brand and gives due credit to its technicians who are no less than middleweights in their watch making rings and Rolex celebrates their tireless efforts in making Rolex the global watch brand.

De La Hoya who recently retired from [...] Read More

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, August 28, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Claire Danes And Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster; Not Just A Jewel

Owning a Rolex watch is as good as making a lifetime investment. The Rolex brand that is synonymous with a legacy that has striven to achieve excellence in the field of watches went on to become a luxury brand over the century. Rolex watches are embedded in the most precious varieties of the gems and the Rolex brand only uses conflict free diamonds in their signature pieces. Rolex watches are bound by tradition to innovate and find new ways to make the watch a flawless creation. Claire Danes is the quintessential beauty with brains. Her maturity is unexpected of her age and the young actress has created a niche for herself in Hollywood mainstream and art cinema with equal élan. Claire believes that actresses in Hollywood are no longer expected to serve as eye candy and her acting speaks for itself.

Danes started out with My So Called Life in [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Bobby Jindal And Rolex Submariner Date; The Young Guns

The 55th Governor of Louisiana and the Rolex Submariner Date have two things in common. They have been able to build success stories very early in life and have set new standards in their respective fields. The Submariner became one of Rolex’s most popular editions very soon after its launch and Jindal riding on the popularity votes he garnered during his campaigning became the youngest Governor in the US.

Born as Piyush Amrit Jindal and raised a Hindu, Bobby converted to Catholicism in high school. Jindal studied at New College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and also received an M.Litt. Degree in Political Science. He joined McKinsey & Company consulting Fortune 500 companies soon after.

Jindal was introduced to mainstream American politics by Republican US Representative Jim McCrery. In 1996, Jindal was appointed Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and during his tenure the Medicaid program went from [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Anne Hathaway And Rolex Lady Datejust; Princesses Of The Heart

A princess knows that being royalty besides being a magnificent experience is also one that requires a great deal of dedication and clarity of vision. The Rolex trademark has for a very long time been considered the royalty in the empire of watches because it has always prioritized customer satisfaction and served them like royalty. Anne Hathaway is the true princess on screen and off it with her effusive charm and ebullience. This screen princess has not only shown maturity in her roles but also an irrepressible energy that cannot be duplicated.

Hathaway who made her debut in the TV series Get Real had been involved in various theatre programs in school and college before she came to Hollywood. She was cast as Jean Sabin in The Other Side of Heaven before she landed Princess Mia’s role in The Princess Diaries’ sequels. Hathaway landed the role after the first [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Andy Garcia And Rolex Day Date; Commitment To Excellence

“It’s better not to work than to work in something you don’t want to be working in”. Garcia believes in this truism like it was God’s command and the Rolex name identifies with Garcia in his sense of duty to do what he does well. Who can bring a heartbreaking poignancy to a sensitive role better than Andy Garcia? The actor’s acute attention to the character he plays on screen is translatable into the superior ingenuity that goes into the creation of every Rolex watch. The artistry with which the Rolex name is identical comes from the watch brand’s endeavor to create for its exclusive clients not just an instrument of time but a lifetime of shared experience.

Born in Cuba, Garcia and his family moved to Miami after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. While Andy’s father who had been an attorney in Cuba built a multi million dollar [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, August 24, 2009

Melrose Jewelers:Tony Parker And Rolex Submariner Date; Guarding The Position

A game of basketball like any other game entails keeping an eye on the watch and timing each move. This fast paced game is high on adrenaline but the best basketball players know that amidst all the heady rush they have to aim at the basket with a shooter’s precision and to do that the timing must be just right. Rolex is a name tantamount to accuracy and exactness like no other watch brand. Rolex does not sit complacent on the good reputation that it has earned for itself and like Tony Parker knows that only those who strive to work hard and with extreme relentlessness succeed in life. Tony Parker’s more glamorous image is as Eva Longoria’s husband, but Parker is first and foremost a basketball player and NBA star. Parker plays point guard position because of his dexterity and speed. Parker played in the French amateur league [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, August 21, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Stuart Benjamin And Rolex Air King; Creators Of Success

It is no secret that more than a director’s vision it is the producer’s practicality and streamlining of creative surplus that makes or breaks a film. Rolex couldn’t have better defined matter- of- factness had it not launched the Air King series of brand watches. Rolex has always put a high end design on top of its visualization of what the brand signified but with that came the need to stress on the watch’s efficiency. Stuart Benjamin is a renowned Hollywood producer who has scrapped many ideas and broken many a creative heart with his ruthless sensibility. In this way Benjamin has been able to save many a loss that a particular film might have suffered. Benjamin’s role is associated with a lot of straightforwardness something that the Rolex Air King best relates to.

Stuart Benjamin was born in the place where he went on to become the most successful [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Elegant Way of Life: Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

The celebrated watch manufacturing brand Rolex is regarded as an icon in its own right. Constantly championing the cause of recognizing and honoring a symbol that was a precursor of a revolutionary new way, Rolex has been trying to safeguard these icons from the onslaught of continuous evolution that disregards the obsolete. Associating with renowned organizations to create an array of incredible events, Rolex ensures that the icons are protected from the ravages of time and human neglect. It is absolutely essential to value and create awareness about elements that have played a noteworthy function in the advancement of technology and design and have been vital in providing the impetus for transitioning into a far more superior generation.
The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is an astounding event that celebrates the mastery of fine detailing, dedication and the endeavor to value the remarkable works of human ingenuity. Held annually the Pebble [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Sailing On The Web: Virtual Rolex Fastnet

The dream of standing at the helm of a racing yacht that breaks through the icy waters at the prestigious Rolex Fastnet races does not necessarily get fulfilled for everyone. Regarded as one of the most prominent offshore regatta challenges in the world the Rolex Fastnet Races presented by Rolex attracts a huge fleet of top class yachts to compete at this event. The increasing popularity of this Rolex Regatta ensures that every year more and more competitors register to participate in this competition.
The 608 mile long regatta challenges the sailors at every mile and sometimes unleashes a flurry of ferocious waves on the yachts. Setting sail from Cowes and ending off at Plymouth the sailors have to face an incredible array of daunting challenges. However, it is this very aspect that draws a number of sailors while concurrently keeping others at bay. The 1979 race that forever [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Revving Up For Rolex Series 2010: Miller Barrett Racing Team

The Rolex heritage encapsulates the aspects of bonding with people who associate with the Rolex events. In some cases the relationship that was fostered with Rolex lasts over many decades and forms the essence of the idea behind the most valued brand in the world. Reviving the motor sports racing in America, Rolex has led this domain to a higher standing and rendered it into the most coveted and prestigious race tournaments on the planet. The Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series co-created by Rolex is one of the most important racing tournaments in the United States and now has become an integral part of the culture.
The 2009 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series have seen a spate of close finishes and increasing competition. Apart from becoming a proving ground for racers and cars alike, the Rolex Series has borne witness to the formation of legacies that go down the ages [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, August 14, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Scorching Drivability: MESCO Awards

As the precursor for bringing forth a revolution in not just the sphere of watches but also in the fields that aim to promote excellence, Rolex has always endeavored to inspire the world. Partnering the Unites States organizing committee for co-creating the prestigious Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, Rolex has played an instrumental role in developing the motor sports industry in America. The Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series created in close association with Rolex has spiraled in to one of the most respected racing events on this planet. Attracting close to a hundred thousand spectators who come to witness the 12 series race event spread all over the year, the Rolex series draws a tremendous amount of media coverage. The most essential part of the vision was to provide a platform for racers to hone and showcase their skills. Over the years for which the illustrious Rolex series has [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The LGPA Opus

Every single swish of a drive on the greens resonates with the sound of the tremendous contribution of Rolex in augmenting the sport of golf throughout the world. Constantly endeavoring to bring about a revolution in all the varied spheres of life, Rolex was one of the first companies to lend an immense amount of support to the women’s golf tournaments. Partnering with illustrious golfing bodies to bring about the Solheim Cup as well as the Evian Masters, Rolex tires to create newer avenues for showcasing exceptional talent. Collaborating with professional golfing bodies for women like the Ladies Professional Golf Association headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, Rolex aids them in creating a series of spectacular golfing tournaments.
The Ladies Professional Golf Association will be bringing a total of 29 golf tournaments to the plate this year and will be awarding a total of 50 million dollars in prize money [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Act Of Deliverance: Grand-Am Supports Camp Boggy Creek

The most interesting aspect of Rolex the world celebrated watch manufacturer that it has sought to sponsor only those events and organization that are involved with the promotion of skill and development of humanity. As the precursor for developing initiatives that form an inspiration for other, Rolex has led the revolution for transforming the way the world works. As the primary partner behind the famed Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, Rolex has led it to attain the highest level of popularity and standard. The ever increasing number of people and the several racers of world acclaim who descend to the racing grounds of the Rolex Series are a clear indicative of the impact and significance of this celebrated racing challenge.
However, the most crucial part of Rolex’s endeavor of forging a collaborative agreement with any partner is based on the fact that whether it’s prospective partners are involved with [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Scorching The Speedway: Danica Patrick

The most distinctive feature of Rolex as a brand has been that it has always sought to support brilliant individuals irrespective of class, creed or gender. Focusing on developing platforms in varied arenas from motor sport racing to horse riding and golf among others, Rolex continues to support the ambition and the drive for attaining perfection. Recognized as the primary force behind the rise of the motorsports racing tournaments in the United States, Rolex vies to usher in a whole new range of remarkably gifted individuals.
Around the world the stage of competition and skill set by Rolex enables sportspersons to hone their talent and gives them an added opportunity to further their careers. The Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series for example has led to the changing fortunes of not just the competing drivers but also of several co-sponsors, broadcasters and event partners. Danica Patrick one of the few women [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, August 10, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Land Of The Rising Sun: Asians Dominating The Greens

Rolex has always been there to partner a vision and comprehending the abundant talent in golf in the United States, it collaborated with varied organizations to enable these golfers to attain the highest level of skill. As the primary driving force behind some of the most illustrious golfing tournaments in the world, Rolex has helped in developing a stage for the development of golf as well as the competing golfers. Taking forward the dream of holding internationally recognized golfing tournaments for women, Rolex was one of the first brands to provide an unfettered amount of support to the women’s golfing tournaments around the world.
Setting a new standard in the world of golf women golfers are not only stunning the spectators but also the accomplished men golfers with the tremendous playing skills. Riding this wave of revolution many skilled women golfers are making a mark in the world. The game [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, August 7, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Powering A Distinct Vision: Andy Lally And The Rolex Series

Like the rising sun that dispels shadows and brings with a sense of surging hope, Rolex the world celebrated watch manufacturing company led the world of motorsports racing in America to a new beginning. Collaborating with the organizations in the United States, Rolex co-created the famed Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series that brings together some of the best racers in the world. Known for its high level of competitiveness and challenges, the 12 races that form a part of the Rolex Series have all witnessed the rise of many competent race car drivers and the ascent of many teams.
Veteran race car driver recognized for his expert comprehension of the circuit, Andy Lally is all set to make an effort to qualify for Sprint Cup Series race that is going to be held at the Watkins Glen circuit on the 9th of August. Respected by competitors and spectators for an [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: In The Air: Grand-Am Rolex Series Weekly Radio Show

The changing fortunes of the Grand-AM Rolex Sports Car Series can probably be credited to the steadfast support of Rolex. The celebrated Swiss Brand, Rolex has played a pivotal role in molding the Grand-AM Rolex Sports Car Series into a world class event. The Rolex Series has become equated with the best racing tournaments in the world. Enabling the drivers to reach for perfection, the coveted Rolex Series is an arena that witnesses some of the most spectacular driving skills in the history of motor sports racing. Every year the spectators line the stands of the Grand-Am Rolex Series waiting anxiously for the champions to roar past in an awesome display of skill. Branching out into all spheres of the media world, the Grand-Am not only receives extensive media coverage but had to launch its own medium for interacting with the increasing number of fans.
The surging popularity of the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Claiming The Honor: Phil And Wendy Lotz Out To Represent The NYYC

Determined to change the fortunes of sailing as a spot, Rolex has had a long standing relation with sailing al over the world. Forging a bond with US Sailing, Rolex aids this illustrious body in creating sailing events all across America. The New York Yacht Club has enjoyed the unwavering support of Rolex for a long time now. During this period the New York Yacht Club in association with Rolex has held a number of regatta challenges that illustrate the heritage and the glory of this historical association.
The most eminent and celebrated challenge of the New York Yacht Club is the Invitational Cup that is slated to begin on 15th of September this year. A total of nineteen teams representing fourteen different nations will be competing at the revered Invitational Cup. Amidst the illustrious teams that will be competing at this years event are two teams that [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Glory From The East: Banchalee Theinthong Wins AJGA Girls Division

Celebrating attainment and the will to go beyond the ordinary, Rolex the world leader in manufacturing the finest watches has always believed that the capacity for greatness is present in every individual. In an effort to give action a direction, Rolex partners many eminent organizations like the American Junior Golf Association. Now in the third decade of its partnership with the AJGA, Rolex has helped it create a revolution in the world of golf. The primary aim of the golfing events of held by the AJGA is to help in the evolution of the young golfers while also granting them scholarships for their overall development. As the annual tournament for the AJGA came around the most excellent course that could play host to the illustrious annual tournament was the Flossmoor Country Club.
Bejeweled with a rich history and tremendous heritage, the Flossmoor Country Club was created 110 years ago. [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, August 3, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Quintessence Of A Champion: The Spirit Of Daytona Team

A sea of people crowds the stands to witness the blazing wheels that roar ahead in a battle to the finish at the Porsche 250. As a part of the illustrious Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Rolex, the Porsche 250 is one of the most significant driving challenges in America. Bearing the conspicuous elements of the Rolex brand the Porsche 250 is a stage for showcasing spectacular talent. As the principal partner for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, Rolex ensures that every single race of this tournament evolves into a world class racing challenge.
The 2009 version of the Porsche 250 turned out into a major spectacle with all competing racers striving to gain the lead. The tremendous level of skill was evident by the sheer competition in the racing circuit. The Barber Motorsports Park transformed into an arena of champions on the 19th of July this [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 31, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Ushering In A New Dawn: Rolex Aids The Popularity Of Motorsports Racing

Rolex Backed with a history that almost looks like a legend has eternally been pursuing the aspect of attaining perfection. This particular aspect has in turn been the driving force behind shaping the operations of the world renowned Swiss brand, Rolex. Taking on the role of becoming the most integral sponsor of the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, Rolex has aided its development and its tremendous growth. Back during the end of the 1990s the lack of adequate sponsorship had almost led to the crumble of the entire motorsports racing industry in the United States. However the shift of the structure and the functional framework of the American racing organization allowed new sponsors to come forward and support the racing tournaments.
Free from the retrains of hesitancy and discouraging speculative thought, Rolex came forward to become an active part of the racing car industry. Now supporting the Grand-Am Rolex Sports [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Ascension of a Champion: Bernard Leonard wins the AJGA Flossmoor Junior Open

Rising to take on the role of the elemental force that drives forward the most eminent golfing events in the world, Rolex has helped in the transition of the game to an extremely popular event. A bond that was forged when Rolex first presented a Rolex watch to the legendary Arnold Palmer in 1967 has only grown stronger. Over the many years Rolex has become important part golf in America and has aided the process of its development in the United States. From venturing out to become a principal partner for events like the Masters to taking on the role the official timekeeper for events like the Solheim Cup, Rolex has played an essential role in American golf.

Collaborating with the AJGA to create several tournaments for young golfers, Rolex helps in the formative development of many golfers. The primary aim was to develop the sport itself by improving the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Headstrong Ability: Team Beyer At The Rolex Series

The dawn of the motorsports racing industry in America came with the support of Rolex. Now completing almost a decade in sponsoring the motor sports racing events in the United States, the world renowned Swiss brand Rolex has played a fundamental role in transforming the racing as a sport in America. The Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series in the years of its existence has become an arena that brings skilled racers to the forefront of achievement. Even though the races that form a part of the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series have some of the most talented racers competing in them sudden change of circumstances can have a great impact of the performance as well as the final position secured.
The multitude of racing teams at the Rolex Series combine the best of technology with the best talent to make a formidable concoction that would manage to outrival all the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Forging a New Dream: United States Trio in the Rolex Rankings

A dream to stand as equal was seen as a defiance of the patriarchal system and prevented women from following a passion that surged deep within the soul. However the will to be able to follow a dream triumphed over obsolete notions and other hindrances and paved the w ay for women every where to pursue the aspect of individualistic perfection. Fifty years back the concept of holding an international golfing challenge for women would have been rebuked upon and would have found no sponsors. Nevertheless the innate quality of a brand like Rolex to sponsor exceptional talent and propound the aspect of perfection completely disregards the differences drawn on the basis of class, race and most of all gender. As a part of its global design of inspiring individuals everywhere, Rolex sponsors a number of international golfing challenges around the world that acts as a platform for the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 27, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Catherine Keener and Rolex Lady Datejust Pearlmaster; Guileless Talent

Talent as they say is innate and very few are privileged to realize its full potential in a lifetime. There are talents and there are talents, and a very small percentage of the talented come across as guileless. The Rolex Lady Datejust Pearlmaster is just such a watch. The fine tuning of the watch matches actress Catherine Kenner’s naturalness and beats it because the Rolex has mastered the art of keeping time over a century. Both talents wear frankness on their sleeves and it shows in their performances and the way they deal with people, always heart to heart.

Coming of mixed Lebanese and Irish descent, Catherine Keener was born in Miami. After graduating from college Keener relocated to New York and interned as assistant to casting agent Gail Eisenstadt. Shifting to Los Angeles with her boss, Keener finally started paying a little more attention to acting landing [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 24, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Norah Jones and Cellini Cellissima ; Redefining Tradition

The word lineage has multiple connotations to it. It is not only a term bearing a rich tradition but an immense sense of responsibility is attached with it. Any lineage is enriched when the new generation carries it forward and gives it a new flavor. Rolex as a brand has evolved over the years; the Rolex watch has sauntered into new territories and introduced the Cellini Cellissima. Sharing a similar history Norah Jones being born to a famous father, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar has had to live up to a lot of expectations Norah’s talent is not only versatile but she has turned the phrase “star kid” over and made a mark for herself far away from the sitar but continuing in the world of music.
Sweeping five Grammy Awards with her debut album is a rare feat and Norah accomplished it with Come Away with Me. A mix of [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Rolex Sponsors Federation Equestrian International 2009

Sports is an integral part of any culture. Be it any country, sports always manage to find a special place in the history of its culture. This is probably, the reason why most sports championships, conducted on international level find a large audience all over the world. Giant consumer brands and iconic luxury brands also perceive international sports events as an ideal opportunity to promote their brands by sponsoring them. In lieu of sponsoring varied sports events, these brands get to publicize and promote themselves both to the audience in the stadium and the ones [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Close Finishes Make Rolex Series Exciting

2009 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series was expected to be the event to watch out for and all along , the same has been revealed. The 2009 schedule of the popular racing phenomenon consists of 12 races. So far the championship has witnessed seven closely fought races and the end result of all this has resulted in a combined margin of victory of mere 53.767 seconds. For racing enthusiasts it can never get better than this. Imagine this margin is there after 1,378 laps that have been covered in the championship so far in a total time of 43 [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Robin Williams And Yacht-Master II; Setting The Standards

There are a few names that when called out can make all the heads turn instantly. Two of such rare names are Rolex Yacht-Master II and Robin Williams. Coming from the illustrious house of Swiss watch maker Rolex it is but obvious that Yacht-Master II can lay claim to such a rare honor. Similarly, for someone with the kind of talent that Robin Williams possesses this also becomes a very natural thing to happen. As simple and obvious as this might seem, this for both of them is culmination of years and years of efforts and toiling. It is [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 20, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Renee Zellweger And Lady Datejust Have Always Been Loved By All

Rolex Lady Datejust and Renee Zellweger are two names that have been around for a long time and have proven themselves time and again. Their fields are obviously different but their success has been similar with one being one of the most beautiful watches and the other being one of the most beautiful actresses. Through their marvelous performances both of them have been able to leave their marks in their respective fields. It has been a long journey for both that involved a lot of will power, motivation and efforts to reach where only a few can reach. For [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 17, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Vanessa Hudgens And Cellini Cellissima; The New Sensationalizing Beauties

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis are the two names who dreamt and set out on a journey that was to create a name and a brand that would revolutionize the world of watch making. The journey started almost a century ago and the brand that was built was Rolex. With its stress on being the best Rolex evolved into becoming one of the most trusted names across the world. It is a name that inspires confidence and speaks of never failing credibility. It gave the world some of the most impressive innovations that changed the entire functionality of the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Molly Ringwald And Lady Datejust; Making Lasting Impressions

Rolex if today sits at the top of the heap of the best watch makers in the world then it deserves to be there. Its success has been the result of the vision of its creators, a well defined approach towards goal realization and continuous efforts of its workforce. When the goal is to reach the top the efforts need to match too. It is obviously not an easy job but requires the kind of efforts that are reserved for the best. Rolex was created with a similar dream and managed to realize it too. It offers watches that [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Neil Patrick Harris And Cellini Prince; Flavors Of The Season

Rolex has been doing something different and amazing every year since its very birth. Over the years it has earned for itself a name that symbolizes status and class. Its journey has been long and full of hardships but the results have been equally satisfying too. Through its remarkable range of watches that it brings out year after year Rolex not only meets the expectations of its innumerable fans but also exceeds them. Every watch that leaves the manufacturing facility of Rolex is able to generate curiosity and people never seem to get enough of it. In fact the [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Jason Schwartzman And Cellini Prince; Living Up To The Expectations

Rolex began the journey of changing the landscape of the watch world almost a century ago. It was a momentous occasion that had the potential to transform the very approach of the watchmakers towards their art as also the expectations of the customers. What Rolex started off to achieve would not have been possible for anyone else. Rolex had the strength of a clear vision, a well worked out strategy, a goal to achieve, a passion to pull forward and the heart to make it happen. It was no wonder that it not only accomplished all that it had [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 13, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Sarah Palin And Rolex Ladies White Gold President; Beating Expectations

Very few in this world dare to take the path less travelled. It is easier to set goals that others have achieved and it is even easier to walk on the path others follow but it takes lots of guts to walk the path that people fear to tread. For some it is an impossible dream, for others it is like chasing the wind and for many it’s the fear of failure. They all have their reasons for not undertaking the path they would have wanted but dared not. But those who did dare become a part of history. [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Friday, July 10, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Rolex Still Standing Strong

During this storm of recession that has engulfed this world and shaken the economies of major countries around the planet some brands that have been built on years of dedicated craftsmanship refuse to be affected by this crisis. Rolex a premium Swiss watches manufacturer has been able to withstand the brunt of this disastrous downfall. The increasing amount of production that is in turn fuelled by enhanced consumerism has saturated the markets of the world and has consequently led to strange anomalies. Areas that don’t require more are flooded with a range of unbelievably unnecessary products with low shelf [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Stallions of the Wind: Spruce Meadows Masters

Behind the highest degree of skill that almost seems like a flawless art there is always a method. This method demands unhindered dedication, honest labor and true virtuosity. Rolex a name that is built on the rudiments of dedicated craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of excellence has always been associated with activities that foster the spirit of commitment towards a craft and promote relentless perseverance in pursuing the quintessence of individual triumph. Rolex actively supports and assists numerous sporting events around the world that are a platform for launching exceptional talent. The Spruce Meadows Masters is just one of [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Alchemy of Creation: Royal Opera House

Men have throughout the ages have stated that remarkable art always finds a way to remain immortal; that being said a place that showcases art and acts as a platform for the world to witness these creations almost always tends to find a way to resurrect itself. Rolex a brand that stand a testament to time and the history of men has always supported endeavors that seek to promote and safeguard movements and icons that have played a significant role in the evolution of the civilization. The Royal Opera House ‘Covent Garden’ is an institution that has over [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: Driving Home a Point: The Solheim Cup

Recognizing individual capacity and will irrespective of class, color or even gender is a principal that has forever been upheld by the world class watch manufacturing company Rolex. In its continual tradition of honoring and supporting brilliant individuals that are out to transform the world and knock every long held perception out, Rolex endorses numerous events that become a springboard for launching exceptionally talented individuals. The Solheim Cup tournament is yet another of Rolex’s endeavors to endorse and assist champions. This tournament is a platform for professional woman golfers from around the world to compete against each other and [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt

Monday, July 6, 2009

Melrose Jewelers: The Masters- A Tradition of fervor

Golf maybe defined as hitting the ball in a limited number of shots and putting it. However this game doesn’t merely require strength but also the ability of being able to anticipate unforeseen circumstances and adapt swiftly in order to play what is commonly known as a master stroke. Rolex has always recognized the implausible capacity of human determination and fortitude to rise above the ordinary and perform a feat that is truly breathtaking and incredibly marvelous. In accordance with its continual endorsement of events that promote individual brilliance and form a stage for displaying and developing exceptional aptitude, [...] Read More at Melrose Jewelers

- Written by John Lavitt